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Animal husbandry and livestock is highly potential sector contributing a lot in state economy, especially of rural economy. The potential of crop production depends upon huge investment and weather and meteorological conditions. Comparatively Animal husbandry and livestock is more stable and requires lesser investments. Livestock and poultry have proved to be life savior in many distress conditions, especially in case of drought. Animal Husbandry is not only a subsidiary occupation to agriculture but it is a major economic activity, especially in the arid and semi-arid regions of the Rajasthan. Livestock sector development has a significant beneficial impact in generating employment and reducing poverty in rural areas. Livestock provides other benefits to the rural sector. Livestock supplies a large portion of draft power for agriculture.

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Integrated Online Medicine Management Software

IOMMS (Medicine Software)

This system is envisioned to provide the Animal Husbandry department with a simplified Medicine inventory management system.  IOMMS will provide the user with the ability to enter online indent the requirement of medicine, compile the demands of all district level, purchase order /rate contract with the supplier, dispatch medicine to district offices, receive medicine, stock maintenance, retrieve, issue to tehsil / VH / Institutions and transfer items between offices.  IOMMS will have the capability to retrieve and view reports concerning the inventory performance and cost tracking at various levels.